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Being one of the leading private label supplement manufacturers in the industry, we help you manufacture supplements in your label and brand. We manufacture a broad range of private label herbs and dietary supplements, with end product options such as capsules, powders and tablets. Offering high-quality manufacturing services and end to end solutions all under one roof, we ensure that our clients walk in with an idea and leave with a finished product that is all set to be marketed. For all your private label supplement requirements, contact our team to start a conversation around your product requirement.

Finished Products

We also offer a broad range of stock formulas; unique herbal formulations, wide range of nutritional formulas and other fine specialty supplements. Whatever be your requirement, we can assist you in every step of the process to get to the market. Contact our team to start a conversation around your finished product requirement.

Custom Manufacturing / New Product Development

At Sandhus, our experienced Research and Development team offers dedicated support from initial concept proposal through to full scale production, providing expert advice every step of the way relating to custom manufacturing or new product development. We can help you develop your own unique herbal or health care supplement (formulation) into quality finished tablets or capsules. We can custom formulate the product you have in mind-be it either a single ingredient herbal, vitamin, mineral or complex multi-ingredient specialty formula. If you wish to make a new product or custom manufacture a supplement, contact our team to start a conversation around your product requirement.