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Magnesium Triple Complex Capsules 120 Ct

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Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Chelated for optimal absorption.
  • Promotes heart, nerve and muscle health*
  • Supports bone mineralization and muscle relaxation*
  • Assists several enzymatic and cellular functions*
  • Helps ease stress and anxiety; offers better sleep quality*
  • Easy to swallow vegetarian capsule, for maximum absorption.
  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan use.


Magnesium is a mineral needed by every cell of the body to help maintain normal cardiovascular, cellular, muscle, bone and nerve function. Magnesium also helps ease occasional stress and anxiety and is known to offer better sleep quality*


Magnesium is imperative for heart health because it is involved in transporting other electrolytes such as calcium and potassium into cells. Magnesium also serves as a cofactor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions, such as those responsible for regulating blood pressure, glycemic control and lipid metabolism. Magnesium is also important for bone mineralization*

 Chelated for optimal absorption

  • Formulated using TRAACS high absorption - chelated magnesium (Glycinate, BisGlycinate, Glycinate Glutamine) from Albion Laboratories. The chelation bonding of TRAACS ingredients is proven through a patented laboratory test method.
  • TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) verified minerals. Albion is the gold standard for Amino Acid Mineral Chelates.
  • Chelation with glycine significantly enhances absorption. Magnesium Triple Complex is not dependent on gastric acid for absorption. Low pH of Glycine chelates, reduces the sensitivity to the acidic conditions of digestive tract and the absorption of Magnesium is improved.
  • Provides 251 mg of pure elemental magnesium per serving.

Our Magnesium Triple Complex is formulated using TRAACS high absorption-chelated magnesium that contains elemental magnesium chelated with amino acids glycine and glutamine for optimal absorption. Glycine an amino acid is used as a ligand to form a chelate. Reaction between Glycine and Magnesium yields a specific mineral chelate that favors optimal absorption*

Glycine helps the body make glutathione, an important antioxidant that protects the body against cell damage. Glycine is also the most abundant amino acid in collagen, a structural protein that has several health benefits, including for the skin, joints and bones. Glycine may also promote sleep and enhance the quality of sleep through its calming effects on the brain. Glutamine is an important amino acid a part of proteins in the body involved in immune function and intestinal health*


Get to know?

What are Chelated Minerals?

Minerals are naturally found in an inorganic state (i.e., that are free of carbon). When an inorganic mineral such as Magnesium or Zinc is combined with an amino acid molecule (for e.g., Glycine or Glutamine), it creates an amino acid chelate. This process of binding a mineral with an organic molecule is called 'chelation'. Simply stated, chelated minerals are minerals that contain both organic and inorganic molecules that are bound together. 

What are the benefits of Chelated Minerals?

Minerals are vital nutrients that the body needs for overall health and wellness. As such inorganic minerals are poorly absorbed by the body and this is where chelated mineral supplements come into play. Amino acid chelates (or chelated minerals) have been scientifically proven to be better utilized by the body than inorganic minerals. Organic mineral amino acid chelates are also known to less gastric upset than inorganic minerals*

How does chelation favor absorption?

Inorganic minerals are absorbed poorly because they become bound to other nutrient particles as they move through the digestive system. Once a mineral is bound to other food particles, it is essentially neutralized and excreted from the body without being properly used. In contrast to inorganic minerals, chelated minerals are shielded as they travel through the digestion system. This shield, made up of amino acids, allows the minerals to arrive safely in the small intestine from where they are easily utilized by the body. Chelated minerals have increased bio-availability*


How to look for the best 'Chelated' mineral supplement 

Chelated Minerals are a good option if you are looking to increase the amount of minerals that your body is able to absorb. We source our minerals from Albion, a trusted mineral supplier and use their TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) verified minerals. An Albion mineral chelate is 100% nutrient dense and has been ' fully reacted' (bonded). Being 100% nutrient dense means the body utilizes 100% of the molecular structure, both the mineral and the amino acid ligand. Albion is the gold standard for Amino Acid Mineral Chelates and you can find them in our premium mineral supplements* 


Feel the difference


Science Based Nutrition: Inspired by nature, we continue to innovate and deliver an exceptionally pure line of science-based nutritional supplements, whose safety, efficacy and potency is guaranteed in every serving.

Third Party Tested: At Sandhu's, we strongly believe in transparency and quality assurance. All our ingredients and finished products, undergo rigorous testing by specialized third party laboratories to guarantee purity, potency and quality.


Quality You Can Trust: All our products are encapsulated, bottled and tested in the USA at our own state-of-the-art FDA registered, NSF certified, GMP-compliant manufacturing facility located in California.




    • Features 3 forms of Magnesium (Glycinate, BisGlycinate & Glycinate Glutamine) for optimal absorption.
    • Provides 251 mg of pure elemental Magnesium per serving.
    • 2 capsules per serving, 60 servings per container.
    • Gentle on the stomach, with no laxative effects. 

      At Sandhu's  we use the very best of technology to deliver an exceptionally pure line of cutting edge, standardized, nutritional supplements with a pharmaceutical-grade commitment to quality and as close to nature as possible.

    Suggested use
    Take 2 capsules a day with food and water or as suggested by your health care provider.

    Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to the use of ‘Magnesium Triple Complex’ vegetarian capsules, if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Suitable for adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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    DJB-Verified Buyer


    Decent price and seems to work.

    6/11/2020 9:16:00 pm

    Becky-Verified Buyer

    Best magnesium product for heart

    Taking this to help with my arrhythmia, works better than anything else I ha

    1/28/2021 10:10:00 am

    Jenny J.-Verified Buyer

    No more leg and foot cramps

    No more leg cramps waking me up! It works for me.

    1/28/2021 10:10:00 am

    Luke B.-Verified Buyer

    Good Supplement

    I've been taking this brand (3 capsules each night) for about 1 year. It almost immediately relieved my nighttime muscle cramps and I will continue to take it since magnesium is a common deficiency.

    1/28/2021 10:10:00 am

    Jay-Verified Buyer

    Helping my exercise recovery.

    Like this product. Feel like I am recovering much quicker after exercise. I am taking a few products from the range and my overall well being seems much higher.

    2/9/2021 8:09:00 am