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BioZnQ - Zinc with Quercetin 60 Ct

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Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Bolsters immune and respiratory health*
  • Supports vascular function and healthy circulation*
  • Promotes muscle function, bone, hair and skin health*
  • Supports energy levels, promotes cognitive health, aging and longevity*
  • Unique, convenient formula with Zinc Ionophores - Quercetin and EGCG.
  • Easy to swallow vegetarian capsule, for maximum absorption.
  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan use.

What is 'BioZnQ'?

BioZnQ combines the benefits of Zinc with Ionophores, a blend of Sophora Japonica (Quercetin), and Green Tea Extract (EGCG) for immune health and wellness support.


What are Zinc-Ionophores?

Zinc as an essential mineral, plays an important role in supporting immune function. Taking standard zinc supplements is fine, but this may only increase serum zinc levels within the blood (because concentration of zinc within our cells is tightly controlled and regulated) after which zinc is excreted. In order to experience the full benefits of zinc, it has to be transported deep into the cells and this requires a Zinc-Ionophore. Zinc-Ionophores are thus transporter molecules that can increase the effects of zinc.


Zinc Ionophore Activity of Quercetin & Epigallocatechin-gallate

Dietary plant polyphenols such as the flavonoids quercetin (QCT)and epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) act as antioxidants and as signaling molecules. Studies indicate that these polyphenols, chelate zinc cations and these flavonoids act as zinc ionophores, transporting zinc cations through the plasma membrane. The ionophores blend (QCT & EGCG) thus helps facilitate the transport of Zinc deep into the cells for a higher concentration of Zinc.


Why Sandhu's 'BioZnQ'?

Sandhu's 'BioZnQ' is formulated with Zinc (Zinc-Methionine) and Ionophores blend of Sophora Japonica (standardized to >95% quercetin) and Green Tea Extract (standardized to >50% epigallocatechin gallate - ECGC), ingredients both revered traditionally and researched extensively for immune health and wellness support.*


Zinc as mono-methionine-chelate complex also offers superior absorption and immune health benefits when compared to other forms of Zinc.*


Daily intake of BioZnQ , helps ease oxidative stress and keeps your immune system healthy year-round. Zinc is also involved in many cellular functions and is necessary for the activity of numerous enzymes that aid metabolism, digestion and nerve function. Zinc also supports energy levels, promotes cognitive health, aging and longevity.*


Our formulation features ingredients grown with traditional agricultural wisdom, without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. From the farms to your family, we are in charge of processing, formulating and packaging, so that you received the best quality nutritional supplements.

Feel the difference

Science Based Nutrition: Inspired by nature, we continue to innovate and deliver an exceptionally pure line of science-based nutritional supplements, whose safety, efficacy and potency is guaranteed in every serving.


Quality You Can Trust: All our products are encapsulated, bottled and tested in the USA at our own state-of-the-art FDA registered, NSF certified, GMP-compliant manufacturing facility located in California.


Third Party Tested: At Sandhu's, we strongly believe in transparency and quality assurance. All our ingredients and finished products, undergo rigorous testing by specialized third party laboratories to guarantee purity, potency and quality.


  • Zinc as Mono Methionine chelate complex.
  • Ionophores blend: Sophora Japonica (Quercetin) and Green Tea extract.
  • Provides 22 mg of elemental Zinc per serving.
  • 2 capsules per serving, 30 servings per container.
  • Easy to swallow vegetable capsules for maximum absorption.
  • Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan use.

Quality is our top priority. At Sandhu's we use the very best of technology to deliver an exceptionally pure line of cutting edge, standardized, nutritional supplements with a pharmaceutical-grade commitment to quality and as close to nature as possible.

Adults: Take 2 capsules a day with food and water or as suggested by your health care provider.

Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to the use of ‘BioZnQ’ vegetarian capsules, if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Suitable for adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Robert-Verified Buyer

Worth the purchase.

We were not disappointed, bought for a family member after they got sick, recovered quicker than expected. Took myself, never got sick. Heard about this on a podcase wanted to see if it worked as was said.

3/8/2020 12:26:00 pm

Betty-Verified Buyer

great product

It works

6/12/2020 12:16:00 pm

Roy Wlilliams-Verified Buyer


Nice product absorb ability is a tremendous help with circulation and other health related issues.

6/21/2020 2:19:00 pm

Ron Williams-Verified Buyer

Satisfaction is guaranteed and service is great

Product is always as advertised and service is excellent. I am completely satisfied.

7/2/2020 12:16:00 pm

Berry-Verified Buyer

Good as virus prophylactic

Looks like a perfect combination of items required to prevent virus from multiplying in cells.

8/21/2020 9:19:00 pm