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Quality is our top priority.  At Sandhus, it is our commitment to create for you the finest quality herbs and dietary supplements, formulated and manufactured in ‘USA’ at our ‘NSF’ Certified ‘cGMP and ‘FDA’ Registered facility.

Quality and Accreditations

  • FDA Registered Facility.
  • NSF Certified cGMP Manufacturing facility.
  • USDA Organic Certification Standards.
  • Processed Food Registered Facility.
  • Organic Processed Product Registered Facility.
  • State of the art QC testing and analytical laboratory.
  • FDA-compliant manufacturing procedures and testing methods.


At Sandhus we use the very best of technology to deliver an exceptionally pure line of scientifically advanced, standardized, ayurvedic herbs and dietary supplements with a pharmaceutical-grade commitment to quality and as close to nature as possible.

Research and Development

At Sandhus, testing is performed by a third-party accredited laboratory which we use for our quality assurance and to study the properties and qualities of herbs as part of our ongoing programme of research and development. In addition to the routine manufacture and testing of our own products, we also offer contract manufacturing services to our customers.