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If Doshas are considered to be manifestations of energy, Vata dosha can rightly be equated to a Kinetic Energy. The origin of the word Vata can be traced to "that which moves" and it fits the dosha to the letter.

Vata is the initiator of all life processes that are dynamic in nature. It represents the impulse in the communication network of the body – from brain to periphery, from tissue to tissue and cell to cell. Vata is responsible for perception (pain), transmission and reaction. It brings a thought from the memory to consciousness, and transfers current experiences into memories. It inspires speech and is the base for laughter and exaltation.
In human physiology Vata governs all such functions that involve somatic initiation and dynamism:-

    * Vata initiates and transmits all stimuli.
      * Vata governs the intestinal motility facilitating the downward movement of food we consume.
      * Vata governs whole process of respiration.
      * Vata governs the movement of heart. Thus, it takes off delivering the nutrients to all cells in our body. It governs the collection and transport of carbon dioxide and other wastes from body.
      * Vata governs our intellectual perception, imagination and motivation.

In order to explain more intricate details of these doshas, Ayurvedic doctrines classified each of them in five sub-doshas; like vata dosha in "Prana, Udana, Vyana, Samana, Apana"