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In human body, Kapha is primarily distributed in chest, throat, head, plasma, fatty deposition and tongue. If Vata is kinetic energy then Kapha is potential energy.

It gives mental strength, as well as resistance to disease. It gives firmness to joints while keeping them lubricated. It also imparts sexual potency.
* Like in living cell, Kapha maintains the structural integrity and confines Individual organs to their specific location.
* It protects the bodily organs against physiological injury.
* Kapha imparts immunity against diseases.
* It maintains the fluid balance.
* Mental phenomenon like, intellectual stability, determinations are governed by Kapha.
In order to explain more intricate details of these doshas, Ayurvedic doctrines classified each of them in five sub-doshas like kapha dosha in "Avlambaka, Kedaka, Bodhaka, Tarpaka, Sleshaka".