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Ayurveda & Yoga 2

Ayurveda & Yoga 2

5. Wind Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana)
Knees and thighs are pressed against the belly and chest which helps to remove the trapped gas in the large intestine.

· Helps to eradicate gastrointestinal problems and acidity
· Strengthens pancreas, liver, abdomen and spleen
· Improves and cures conditions of constipation, flatulence and hyperacidity
· Normalizes and regulates hydrochloric acid levels in stomach

6. Head on Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana)
Front of the spine is stretched that eases the stiffness of the muscles and joints of leg and arms. Forehead and heart rests on the thighs.

· Helps to balance blood sugar levels and improve metabolism
· Improves the flexibility of knee, hip and ankle joints
· Powerfully massages muscles of the abdominal organs and increases elasticity of the spine
· Relieves constipation and enhances kidney function







7. Lateral twist of the Spine Pose (Bharadvajasana)
This pose teaches to turn around your spinal column for increasing the flexibility of the back and torso. It massages, tones and rejuvenates our abdominal organs.

· Help to increase supple of spine and shoulders
· Relieves pain in the back, shoulders and neck
· Alleviates pain, stiffness and discomfort in the spine area
· Increases flexibility of the hips and back







8. Lotus Pose (Padmasana)
It is a crossed leg sitting posture and feet are placed on the opposing thighs. This position resembles Lotus, and we close the eyes and concentrate on our normal breathing.

· Helps to destroy all diseases and awakens spiritual energy
· Calms the mind
· Stimulates the spine, abdomen, bladder and pelvis
· Stretches the knees and ankles

9. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
The body assumes the posture resembling a snake with its hood up.

· Tones liver, uterus and ovaries
· Strengthens the back, abdomen and upper part of the body
· Helps in relieve and elimination of menstrual irregularities
· Excellent for the adjustment in displacement of the spinal column




10. Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana)
We breathe alternatively between the two nostrils to clean and rejuvenate our vital channels of energy.


· Cleanse and tones up the blocked nostrils and the entire nervous system
· Strengthens the heart and induces feeling of calmness
· Benefits people suffering from cough and cold

Removes mental tension and worries

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