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Sandhu Products Inc., headquartered in Livermore, CA, has been providing the highest quality herbal products from the unique blend of ancient system of Indian medicine i.e. Ayurveda and modern science with due respect to man's symbiotic relationship with nature and its resources.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide range of natural healthcare products that are safe and have the highest level of efficacy and purity. We support our customers in creating a right balance between physical, emotional and spiritual wellness in a natural way to promote health, vitality, beauty and longevity. Consequently, we believe that Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are essential tools that will help our customers achieve health and prosperity by creating a harmony between body and mind.

Herbs used in our products are scientifically proven and have been used in Ayurveda for 5000 years. Our well trained and equipped farmers follow sustainable agricultural practices to grow these herbs wildly in order to preserve their maximum level of potency and safety.

Extracts from these Ayurvedic herbs are used in our vegetarian capsules, herbal teas, single herbs, Ayurvedic formulations, natural supplements for health and diet, beauty products for skin and hair care, massage oils, joint health, dental care and meditation accessories etc.

 Our products support healthy levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, bones and joint pains, cholesterol/ heart health and energy and stamina problems that are guaranteed to be: 
· Gentle, Effective and of Highest quality
· Of exceptional value
· Quality-control tested
· In compliance with current Good
  Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)
· Purified and Standardized to ensure optimal
· Formulated in the U.S. and India by Ayurvedic
  Professionals and Scientists
· Derived from the purest raw materials from
  reputed sources
 Our Difference, Mission & Value statement
Our Difference:
·Standardized extracts of pharmaceutical
  grade are used
·Vegetarian capsules are used for herbal
·Expertise of renowned pharmacists,
  ayurvedic professionals, scientists and
  specialists from the herbal extract industry.

At Sandhu Products Inc. we are committed to delivering quality products and services that fosters greater health, happiness and wellness in our customers lives. It is this commitment that is deep and ever growing.

Value Statement:
·   We ensure the quality, purity, safety and efficacy
    in every product that we develop
·   We practice the highest standards of quality
    control in every step
·   We present the absolute truth about our
    products and their benefits to all our
    valued customers, retailers and Ayurvedic
·   We provide customer satisfaction at all times
·   We address every query with total
    professionalism and integrity
·   We follow ethical standards and fair trade

At Sandhu Products Inc., we follow Green Business Practices because we believe that it is our responsibility to protect the Mother Earth by promoting stable and healthy communities and by restoring the natural environment. Our focus is more on doing the right things rather than craving for credit and appreciation.

We actively participate in eco-friendly activities to ensure that all the products, processes and manufacturing facilities create value for our customers without harming the natural environment and community. As a step to support the rural community, Sandhu’s outsourced a wide range of medicinal herbs to rural farming parts of northern India. Sandhu Products is working towards the cultivation of wild herbs by supporting and training farmers to follow sustainable agricultural practices without disturbing the ecosystem. We do not use any chemicalfertilizers, herbicides and pesticides but instead follow crop rotation and use green manure to maintain soil produc tivity. This unique method of organic farming helps to create a balance between people and planet.

Our plant located in H.P. (India) also promotes a sustainable environment by using clean energy from renewablesources such as water, wind and solar power sources. The facility has been constructed with severaleco-friendly features such as large skylight windows to make the most use of natural light and solar panels and solar heaters.
This again helps us to have a cleaner future.

We view waste as a measure of inefficiency and therefore we follow RECYCLE, REDUCE & REUSE approach. We use 100% recycled corrugated boxes and print advertising materials. Our packaging bottles are also