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Our Story

Founders of Sandhu Products, Bob and Raman Sandhu, had the aspiration of creating a corporation that will combine the best of ancient ayurvedic medicinal knowledge and modern science to offer clean, pure and responsible natural herbal products that are safe and effective in delivering desired health benefits, and at the same time ensuring wellness of farmers cultivating natural medicinal herbs, to protect the ancient ayurvedic and organic farming practices, thereby helping mankind live life harmoniously with nature. 

With this aspiration, Sandhu Products was incorporated in August of 2004; the vast emerging dietary supplements market and resultant ever-growing need and demand for natural herbal supplements provided the ideal stepping stone and foundation for the beginning of the organization.


On a beautiful Monday morning of 16th August 2004 at 10 a.m., the aspirational journey began - with a simple prayer and commitment - from the headquarters located at Hercules, California, USA. Among the first customers of Sandhu Products were local health food stores and Indian grocery stores.


During the initial years, Sandhu Products sourced its raw materials, established standardization techniques, and contract manufactured its products. These dietary herbal supplements were marketed at regional health food stores, Indian grocery stores, and to Ayurvedic Practitioners.


With the acceptance of products and growth of the market base, the demand for products increased substantially. To meet increased demand and to have an efficient operational control over inventory, manufacturing practices and quality assurance, it was strategically fit to establish owned manufacturing facility.


In January of 2010, Sandhu Products established its manufacturing facilities at the plant conveniently located on Interstate Highway 580  Exit S Vasco Road, at 6052 Industrial Way, Livermore. Consequently, the administrative and operational headquarters also moved from Hercules to Livermore, California, USA.


In May, 2013, after regulatory inspection, State of California Food and Drug Branch issued license to Sandhu Products to manufacture herbal products out of the Livermore plant. This marked the achievement of a milestone where Sandhu Products began manufacturing the range of Ayurvedic dietary supplements out of its own manufacturing facility.


The story continues.......